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Foundations, Footings and Stem Walls

Foundations, Footings and Stem Walls

Stem-Wall Foundation Construction consists of a multi-step process where concrete footings are poured at ground level, then concrete walls are formed to conform around the finished concrete slab. This type of construction is more stable. Stem walls made of concrete are sometimes referred to as “two pour foundations.”

Stem Wall Construction Steps:

  • Site Prep - clear the construction site, remove all plants and debris. Remove all small starter trees, stumps, and weeds too.
  • Get the site ready. Scrape the soil to clean it up to prepare for our concrete forms.
  • Excavation - footings are cut out, and the forming process begins.
  • Our forming and pouring process includes concrete pumped in and we remove all of the air pockets.
  • The concrete structure is sound and is ready for the final top slab of concrete.
  • We have over 20 years experience in Stem Wall Construction.